“Blue Rondo A La Turk” with Alex Paclin – Sheriffs of Schroedingham

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I have been a fan of the prodigious diatonic player, songwriter, and YouTube video creator extraordinaire Alex Paclin for a few years. One of the most impressive diatonic harmonicists I have heard, he is not only pushing the limits of the instrument but also playing with fire and soul. When I heard he moved to Los Angeles, I reached out to him and he began showing up to some of my performances. We were fast friends and he proposed we record a duet of Dave Brubeck’s Blue Rondo a la Turk for his YouTube channel. I’ve always loved the classic Brubeck and Paul Desmond material, and I began to imagine an arrangement for harmonica band ala The Harmonicats. I pulled out the chord, bass, and chromatic harps and began to tinker and explore. It was a lot of fun and quite a challenge to work up a nuanced arrangement. I love the way it turned out and really enjoy the humorous video Alex put together as well!